Nordic Conference for Rural Research

Challenged ruralities: Nordic welfare states under pressure

In recent years, the Nordic welfare states have been under pressure due to globalization, neoliberalism, the financial crisis, climate change, migration, etc. Although the welfare states still form the backbone of the Nordic countries and still secure democracy, the former division of labor between the state, market and civil society is no longer functioning as it once did. In many ways, the welfare states seem to have withdrawn, been transformed or become centralized with the responsibility for performing many functions being given to the private sector or civic societies. This is true for rural areas, in particular, where a range of municipal and public reforms have had a significant and rapid impact on public services and enlarged distances to citizens.

The fifth Nordic Rural Research Conference will explore the extent to which the changes we are witnessing today will influence rural areas and rural research in the Nordic countries.


Important dates

Conference dates May 14th to 16th 2018.

  • May 1st 2017: Call for working groups
  • June 15th 2017: Deadline for working groups
  • October 2nd 2017: Call for abstracts
  • December 1st 2017: Deadline for abstracts
  • May 14th-16th 2018: Conference dates